Workshop on “End Child Abuse”

A workshop on the above topic was organized through the Girl Child Centre of the Colombo
YWCA. The speakers were from the National Child Protection Authority and LEADS(ESCAPE)
organization. Ms. Priyangika Rathnayake –Psychologist and Ms. Christene Subdika-Counsellor.

This programme was targeted to the Prinipals and Counselling teachers of the schools mainly.
There were approximately 20- 25 participants from schools around Colombo.

Ms Priyangika Rathnayake gave a brief history of the NCPA which was inaugurated in 1991 in
response to the signing and ratifying of the UN Children’s Charter on Convention on “Rights of the Child”.

 She explained the vision and mission of the National Child Protection Authority
The main office is at Kotte. The NCPA officers are available on provincial and district level for consultation.

The main functions are :
Working to prevent the abuse of children in Sri Lanka
To provide a policy framework for the state

The National Child Protection Authority also provides/conducts awareness on Abuse of
children through different methods to the society at large. This was to prevent damage to
children which was a result of abuse. A Charter of “Child Rights” is available. It is
necessary for all persons dealing with children, both parents and teachers to be familiar
with the contents of the Charter. They would provide the children with secure environment
where children would develop into well balanced adults.

Speaker – Ms. Christene Subdika LEADS/ESCAPE
The objective of the Organisation LEADS-ESCAPE were explained which was mainly to make a
difference to abused children even in a small way.
The LEADS-ESCAPE organizational structure and the services of the organization both
psycho-social and legal service to the abused children was explained
LEADS/ESCAPE organization has many resources which could help carers to provide
the best tools to teach children to prevent or deal with abuse.
Question time – This time was very important as many possibilities and problems that arose were
discussed by the participants regarding abuse at home and in the school.
The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Jasmine Kadirgarmar, after which the workshop was
declared closed.